ArmorTech® 4-Runner Herbicide | Unparalleled Broadleaf Weed & Nutsedge Control
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ArmorTech® 4-Runner

ArmorTech® 4-Runner Herbicide is your ultimate weapon against over 90 varieties of broadleaf weeds and nutsedge control. Designed as an exceptional alternative to 2,4-D formulations, this post-emergent herbicide ensures unparalleled performance in controlling the toughest weed challenges.

With its superior formulation, ArmorTech® 4-Runner demonstrates remarkable cool-weather performance, outperforming conventional amine 3-way herbicides. But the benefits of ArmorTech® 4-Runner don’t stop there. This herbicide boasts observable results within hours of application, providing immediate satisfaction and visible proof of its highly effective weed control.

Despite its strength against weeds, ArmorTech® 4-Runner maintains a high level of turfgrass tolerance, making it safe to use on both cool- and warm-season grasses.

Benefits And Uses

  • An alternative to 2,4-D formulations, 4-Runner provides excellent control of the toughest broadleaf weeds
  • Observable results within hours of application
  • High level of turfgrass tolerance when applied to cool- and warm-season grasses
  • Excellent post-emergent activity with proven performance for broadleaf weed and nutsedge control

30 Gal Drum

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