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United Turf Alliance’s line of ArmorTech fertilizers provides advanced nutrition to turf grass and ornamentals to promote hardiness, increased flower bloom and rooting and better absorption of water and nutrients. UTA’s line of liquid fertilizers will give your turfgrass and ornamentals the boost they need to stay healthy and looking their best.

ArmorTech® 45 SR

Liquid fertilizer for turf & ornamentals A highly-concentrated liquid fertilizer derived from Slow Release [...]

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ArmorTech® 44

A highly-concentrated liquid fertilizer derived from patent-pending Urea Phosphite. ArmorTech® 44 is a highly [...]

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ArmorTech® 28 +Si

Potassium Phosphite plus 1%+ Potassium Silicate for enhanced plant health and hardiness Benefits And Uses Low [...]

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United Turf Alliance products are available through our exclusive network of regional distributors, each of which is a helpful, experienced professional with deep technical knowledge and a commitment to service.

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