ArmorTech® 44

A highly-concentrated liquid fertilizer derived from patent-pending Urea Phosphite.

ArmorTech® 44 is a highly-concentrated liquid fertilizer derived from patent-pending Urea Phosphite. Every gallon of ArmorTech® 44 has 5.8 pounds of phosphorous acid (10.8 pounds of phosphite)) for improved rooting and increased ability to absorb water and nutrients. Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides, ArmorTech® 44 also provides additional plant strength to tolerate unfavorable and increased flower bloom for ornamentals.

Benefits And Uses

  • Patented phosphite fertilizer has a 15-0-0 NPK content with 42% P2O5 derived from PO3
  • Formulated with very little water allowing the PO3 to remain stable in the jug
  • Contains one of the highest percentages of PO3 of any phosphite fertilizer
  • Used at lower rates per acre than most phosphite fertilizers making it economical and effective
  • Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides
  • Increases the integrity of plant cell walls, which improves plant strength and resistance
  • Stimulates key pathways, which produce compounds that are responsible for defending the plant against environmental stress
  • Can help keep un-chelated metals stable in solution
  • Will help keep the spray tanks and equipment free of scale buildup
  • Contains a surfactant for improved spreading and nutrient uptake
white bottle of armortech 44 liquid turf fertilizer
2x2.5 gal case bottle image
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