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United Turf Alliance carries ArmorTech fungicides engineered with top of the line biochemical technologies. UTA’s extensive collection of both liquid and dry fungicides will help the most discerning turf care professional control fungi and protect turfgrass and ornamentals. With fungicides specifically engineered for golf courses and more, UTA has the fungicides needed to make sure that your turfgrass and ornamentals stay protected and looking their best.

ArmorTech® CYA 345

Prevents Pythium diseases, including root dysfunction, blight, damping-off, and root rot. ArmorTech CYA 345, b [...]

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ArmorTech® ZOXY2F

Use as a broad spectrum fungicide for control of listed diseases on labeled turf sites. ArmorTech® ZOXY™ 2F [...]

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ArmorTech® ZOXY-PG

A granular fungicide combining 0.31% Azoxystrobin and 0.75% Propiconazole. ArmorTech ZOXY-PG is a granular fun [...]

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ArmorTech® ZOXY®-T

A synergistic combination golf course fungicide, combining of some of the best turf fungicide technologies in [...]

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ArmorTech® ROTATOR

ArmorTech Rotator Fungicide is your “Go-To” product for Golf Course Fungicide Rotation. As a multi [...]

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ArmorTech® IP 238

A Fungicide for the Prevention and Control of Certain Diseases of Turfgrass and Ornamentals ArmorTech IP 238 i [...]

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ArmorTech® TMI 2020 XL

Prevents and controls fungal diseases on ornamental plants and turfgrass. Prevents and controls fungal disease [...]

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ArmorTech® TM 462 F

Supplies broad-spectrum disease control for ornamentals and turfgrass. Contains Thiopanate Methyl. ArmorTech® [...]

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ArmorTech® PPZ 143 MC

Broad-spectrum control for cool and warm season grasses. Contains Propiconazole. PPZ 143 provides economical, [...]

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ArmorTech® CLT 825

A dry flowable fungicide, provides broad spectrum disease control for cool and warm season grasses, trees, shr [...]

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ArmorTech® CLT 720 FL

A liquid flowable fungicide that offers curative and preventative disease protection against major turf and or [...]

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ArmorTech® TEB 360 XL

Foliar Fungicide. Contains Tebuconazole. Disease Control in Golf Course Turf Disease Control in Field, Nursery [...]

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