ArmorTech® IP 238

A Fungicide for the Prevention and Control of Certain Diseases of Turfgrass and Ornamentals

ArmorTech IP 238 is a fungicide recommended for control of spring, summer, fall and winter diseases on non-residential turf located on golf courses, sod farms and institutional areas where fine turf is grown, and on non-residential ornamental flowers and foliage plants grown in field and landscape nurseries or greenhouses, and in conifer nurseries.

Benefits And Uses

  • Active Ingredient: Iprodione 23.3%
  • Labeled for warm season and cool season turfgrasses and ornamentals
  • Rate: 2-4 oz / 1000 square feet on most turfgrass diseases
  • One of the few formulations of Iprodione formulated for curative applications of turfgrass diseases
  • Guaranteed for peak performance by United Turf Alliance
  • Contact and locally systemic mode of action
  • Tank mix compatible with other fungicides
white bottle of Armortech IP 238
2x2.5 gal case bottle image


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