Optimizer® Green Shade

Optimizer® Green Shade is a green pigment spray additive that improves turf appearance while serving as a spray pattern indicator. Optimizer may be tank mixed with fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and wetting agents. It can be used on golf courses, sports fields, or other managed turf areas.

Benefits And Uses

  • Improves turf appearance and quality
  • Blends uneven coloration due to stress, cultivar variance and phytoxicity
  • Visual aid for improved spray application
  • Achieve uniform application of plant protection products
  • Resists the fading effects of UV sunlight
  • Tank mix with many fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and wetting agents
  • Do not spray or over-spray on cart paths, driveways, ornamental plantings or other surfaces where long term green color is not desired
white bottle of optimizer green shade turf pigmentation
12 x 1 quart case bottle image
4 x 1 gal case bottle image


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