Optimizer ® InsertMKS

Optimizer® Insert MKS is a new proprietary liquid form of Sul-Po-Mag that provides a better source of Magnesium, Potassium and Sulfur when plant demand is highest.

Optimizer ® Insert MKS technology keeps the nutrients available longer for plants to have access to it when its needed…up to 24 weeks!

Benefits And Uses

  • Help turf recover faster from aerification and verti-cutting
  • Avoid the labor and headache of heavy applications of dry Sul-Po-Mag products
  • May be used through irrigation systems or sprayed on. Must be watered into the soil for maximum benefit
  • Tank Mix compatible with many other products for ease of use. Rate 5-10 gallons per acre depending on plant demand
  • Rate 5-10 gallons per acre depending on plant demand
  • Always read and follow the label language
Optimizer insert mks liquid turf nutrition
2x2.5 gallon case bottle image
265 gallon shuttle bottle image


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