Optimizer PSi L

Optimizer PSi™ L strengthens turfgrass by providing the key nutrient Silicon, delivered with a reliable carrier in a form that plants can immediately recognize and use.


  • Silicon is one of the most important fortification nutrients for plants. Until now, it has been inefficient to try to deliver Potassium Silicate, Slag or other forms of Silicon
  • Plants store Silicon in the Opaline form (Classified as an Opal Phytolith)
  • Silicon is a neutral molecule, and needs to be delivered with a neutral carrier (like Protein Nitrogen)
  • Highly Concentrated Powder contains 25% Plant Derived Silicon in Opaline form


  • Our Amino Acid derived and concentrated Nitrogen brings turfgrass a Nitrogen source that plants immediately recognize
  • As a true Plant Based Protein Source, Plants will respond to and assimilate the Protein Nitrogen with less energy expended to utilize it
  • As a carrier for Silicon, it helps the plant to absorb and utilize the Silicon faster


  • True Plant Health Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stress
  • Stronger Cell Walls, Thicker Leaf Blades, More Roots, Less Trans-evaporation
  • Silicon moves to plant based needs quicker stimulating plant growth where plants need fortification
  • A boost of energy and increased turgidity
white bottle of optimizer psi turf nutrition
6 x 1 lb case


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