Optimizer PSi L

Optimizer PSi™ L strengthens turfgrass by providing the key nutrient Silicon in a superior formulation that promotes rapid movement through the plant.


  • One of the most concentrated liquid silicon products available at 25% SiO2 by weight.
  • Highly concentrated, small molecular weight and size allows for rapid movement through foliage.
  • Unlike other silicon products, Optimizer PSi L utilizes a superior formulation that makes it tank-mix compatible with a variety of products.
  • Contains nitrogen and silicon dioxide, derived from silicic acid.
  • Silicon increases plant turgidity, resulting in more upright growth and better wear tolerance.
  • Applicable wherever improved turfgrass quality is desired – golf, sports turf, lawns, etc.


  • Enhanced green speeds and playing conditions.
  • Improved wear tolerance.
  • Efficient movement through foliage.
white bottle of optimizer psi turf nutrition
6 x 1 lb case


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