Fungicide Sales Stopped Temporarily for Testing

June 7th, 2015
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Damage reported at multiple courses, testing to determine cause underway.

After damage was reported by six courses, sales of a fungicide manufactured by TKI NovaSource have been halted and testing to investigate the cause is being initiated in several states.

According to Donnie Wadsworth, director of strategic accounts for TKI NovaSource, they’ve received reports of weakened or damaged turf at a half-dozen courses that applied ArmorTech Alt70 or UPI’s version called Viceroy thus far. “We’re fully aware of this issue and haven’t yet determined the cause,” he said Saturday. “We’re already running tests to see if the product is in spec and found nothing unexpected.”

Among other things, they’re looking at possible reaction to other products applied in combination with the TKI fungicide formulation, which is marketed as a post-patent alternative to Signature. Samples are being sent to university labs and consultants in Rhode Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for analysis.

Although they say they haven’t ruled anything out, Wadsworth did call the possibility of herbicide contamination at their plant “unlikely” since the facility is dedicated exclusively to fungicide production.

Asked what, if any fixes superintendents should try, Wadsworth said they just don’t know enough about the problem yet to make a recommendation.

Tim Zech, president of UTA notified customers in a letter Friday that they were stopping sales of Alt70 and investigating the isolated reports. His letter is here: