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ArmorTech® TM 462 F

Supplies broad-spectrum disease control for ornamentals and turfgrass. Contains Thiopanate Methyl.

ArmorTech® TM 462 F provides control of a broad spectrum of diseases of bedding, flowering, herbaceous and tropical foliage plants, shrubs, trees and flowers, containerized woody shrubs and trees and turfgrass. Compare to Cleary 3336™F, Fungo, SysTech 1998®, Olympic 6672 and LESCO T-Storm.

Benefits And Uses

  • Compare to: Cleary’s 3336™, Fungo, SysTech 1998®, Olympic 6672, LESCO T-Storm
  • Excellent tank mix partner with most other fungicides
  • Labeled for use on cool and warm season grasses and on all labeled ornamentals
  • Systemic mode of action
  • University tested
  • Guaranteed for performance by UTA Member Companies

2x2.5 gal case

Map of united states covered in turf grass

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