ArmorTech® IP 233

Provides extended disease control with contact and locally systemic modes of activity. Contains Iprodione.

Proven and cost-effective, IP233 provides broad spectrum disease control for cool and warm season turf and ornamentals. Contact and locally systemic modes of activity provide quick knockdown and extended control for major turf diseases, including Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Pink Snow Mold and Leaf Spot. IP 233 is tank mix compatible with most other fungicides. Compare to 26GT®, Iprodione and Pro 2SE.

Benefits And Uses

  • Active Ingredient: Iprodione 23.3%
  • Labeled for warm season and cool season turfgrasses and ornamentals
  • Rate: 2-4 oz / 1000 square feet on most turfgrass diseases
  • One of the few formulations of Iprodione formulated for curative applications of turfgrass diseases
  • Guaranteed for peak performance by United Turf Alliance
  • Contact and locally systemic mode of action
  • Tank mix compatible with other fungicides
armortech ip 223 turf fungicide
2x2.5 gal case bottle image


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