ArmorTech® MYCLO 20 EW

A systemic liquid fungicide. Contains Myclobutanil.

ArmorTech® Myclo 20 EW is a liquid formulation of Myclobutanil similar to Eagle 20 EW. ArmorTech® Myclo 20 EW is a systemic DMI class fungicide with broad spectrum of control on a wide variety of turf fungi. With lower PGR effects during summer stress periods, it is a useful product when other DMI chemistries are not in favor.

Note: DMI fungicides have the potential for resistance and should be rotated with alternate chemistries.

Benefits And Uses

  • Rates Ranging from .5 oz/1000 to 2.4 oz/1000
  • DMI Systemic Fungicide. Classified as Group 3 Fungicide per EPA
  • 14-28 Day Control
  • Flexible: can be used on Ornamentals, Golf Courses, Landscapes and Greenhouses
armortech myclo 20 ew turf fungicide
4x1 gal case bottle image


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